Can You Get a Bail Bond?

If you’ve been arrested and tossed in jail, getting out as quickly as possible is the one and only thing on your mind. Sitting inside a jail cell is never a good feeling, especially when so much else is already going on. But, how can you get out of jail after an arrest?

When you are arrested, you will see the judge who will prosecute you for the charges. During the arraignment, you will be given a bond amount. The amount of the bond is based upon a few factors, including the type of charge that you are facing and your prior criminal record. Once the bond amount is placed you can pay that amount to the courts and get out of jail within a few hours. Or, you can remain in jail.

But what happens if you do not have the full bond amount? Are you stuck until it is time to go to court? A secondary option is the use of Westmoreland County bail bonds. Many people who’ve been arrested turn to the help of a bondsman to get out of jail. Bondsman charge only 10% of the total bond amount. So, if you have a bond of $10,000, the use of a bondsman means that you need to pay only $1000 to get out of jail. The bondsman also charges a small fee that you must also pay.

Getting out of jail is important. If you sit inside a cell, it could cause many more problems in your life than you can fathom. If you do not have the full bond amount, or even if you do and would like to save money, you can entrust the help of a bondsman. You will be glad that you were able to find your freedom once again!